Terms of Use

Keep your website protected against any kind of DDoS attack with 100% network uptime.

Terms of Use

DDoSCure.com is solely the Internet service provider, operating in good faith, under safe harbor provisions. By ordering services of DDoSCure.com, all it's clients and partners acknowledge that they have read, understood and accept set forth herein User Agreement, and that under no circumstances, will they hold DDoSCure.com and it's employees, liable for, or present as being associated with, to any extend, the content, broadcasted using services of DDoSCure.com and it's upstream providers.

Our entire purpose is to provide you with the tools and resources to help your on-line business succeed; we understand that we cannot succeed unless you do!

DDoSCure.com also specializes in DDoS Protection, DDoS Mitigation services. For those who are hosting targeted services or simply want complete peace of mind, we are offering strong DDoS Protection on our entire network. Our high-tech infrastructure will be able to keep your business on-line, at all times and under any circumstances. This advanced DDoS Protection technology will allow you to sleep peacefully, knowing that your hosting is running securely. Our qualified IT professionals and DDoS Mitigation experts, server management and administration can help you keep your data secure and your on-line business safe. Offering a wide selection of hosting services at a competitive price, DDoSCure.com can customize a package to suit all your hosting needs.


Prohibited Material:

 Any material or files that are, illegal, libelous, encourage conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, or otherwise violate any local, state, national, or international laws or legislations, are not permitted to be broadcasted using our services. Copyrighted, trademark, or trade secret materials may not be stored and/or broadcasted without the permission of its respectful owners and corresponding notations, if broadcasted. Obvious illegal content, including, but not limited to, child pornography, sites promoting hate, violence, racism and/or any sort of discrimination, are not allowed under any conditions and will be reported to appropriate authorities. Other prohibited materials include, but not limited to, warez sites, hacker sites, or sites with the intent to spam targets.


SPAM and Unsolicited Commercial e-mail:

DDoSCure.com strictly upholds a zero-tolerance policy regarding unsolicited e-mail and spam sent over our network. Members are politely reminded to refrain from such practices as it will lead to immediate account termination without further reprieve. Members will be held responsible for any and all violations that may compromise server security. This includes hosting or permitting others to host scripts or software over our network that is otherwise recognized as spam.


Account Cancellation:

 Please contact us by email for an account cancellation. Allow up to 10 days for your request to take effect. We require full account verification in order to process your request.


Payments & Refunds:

 DDoSCure.com bills all accounts on a monthly basis. Defaulting accounts will receive a courtesy email notification and a 24 hours grace period. Non-complying accounts will be deactivated, including all associated accounts. Accounts may be reinstated for a required $20 reactivation fee. We do not refund reactivation fees, incomplete membership fees, domain transfer or registration fees, scripting or software installation fees, or fees otherwise, after seven (7) days of initial account activation. Only fully prepaid monthly fees may receive a 75% refund within 5 business days. We ensure 99.9% Server uptime But for some server maintanance for certain time our clients may face uptime less then 99.9%. If a huge difference in uptime consists clients need to contact us and we will provide free service for the downtimes that our client faced.


Responsibility to Maintain and Provide Backup Data:

In no case shall DDoSCure.com be liable to the Subscriber or any third party for any loss of data resulting from its performance under this Agreement. It is the responsibility of the Subscriber to maintain current backup data in case of a loss, system or network failure, or negligence by either party. DDoSCure.com shall not be liable to the Subscriber or any third party for losses or damages resulting from attempts made in good faith to restore service to damaged or corrupted media on behalf of the Subscriber. DDoSCure.com shall not be required to assist the Subscriber or any third party with data recovery or provisioning of backup data in the event that this Agreement is cancelled or terminated.


DDoS Protection Service Disclaimer (The Reality Check):

 While we pledge to our clients that we will do everything possible to protect their Internet resources from DDoS attacks, we must remind them that the world we are all live in has only a handful of things that are truly unlimited. The world of Internet has known DDoS attacks capable of putting down websites of the biggest corporations and even cutting off entire countries. For this reason, on expectedly very rear occasions, due to extreme intensities of some DDoS attacks, we may not even get a chance to apply our DDoS filtering solutions because of the upstream network providers' rulings. This, in turn, may result in continentally partial accessibility of our customer websites, or even their complete shut off for independent from us reasons.


Consequences of Violation of User Agreement:

DDoSCure.com may charge it's clients for User Agreement breach recovery, to offset the cost of equipment and material needed to (a) investigate or otherwise respond to any suspected violation of User Agreement, (b) remedy any harm caused to DDoSCure.com or any of its customers and its partners by the violation of User Agreement, (c) respond to complaints, (d) respond to subpoenas and other legally authorized third party requests for information, when required by law, and (e) have DDoSCure.com and it's upstream providers Internet Protocol (IP) numbers removed from any abuse databases. NO CREDIT OR REFUND will be granted for interruptions of service, due to User Agreement violations.


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